Every week we choose three amazing families to join us for dinner. Here is one of their stories: 

Jim & Bettie

A friend wrote:

“After the death of their daughter, Robyn, Jim and Bettie Jeanne Rivard-Darby turned a tragedy into an opportunity to help others through the worst time in their lives. They bi-annually pay-It-forward in honor of Robyn on her birthday and anniversary of the day she died. In addition, they founded a new chapter of the Compassionate Friends, an organization dedicated to helping grieving parents, grandparents, and siblings. They found solace in this organization, but there was no local chapter. They spend their time organizing monthly meetings, coordinating the website and social media pages, reaching out to families who have suffered the greatest loss imaginable, and organizing fundraising events. Annually, they hold a walk-a-thon to raise money to help TCF continue to provide a place of comfort for those impacted by the death of a family member. They lost three elderly dogs and a beloved pet bird in the last year and have adopted a Dalmatian that they are training to become a therapy dog. In addition, Bettie Jeanne was a longtime caregiver for an elderly friend with dementia, recently taking her into their home for hospice and providing comfort and care until she passed away. Their grief and their work to support their chapter of TCF is deserving of a night out and would be a great gift. They do so much and give so much to help others, I would love to see someone give to them.” 

We were honored to have Jim & Betty join us for dinner, and to hear their story in person! Find out why we're doing this on our website.

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