10 Reasons Why People Who Don't Like Pizza Shouldn't Be Trusted:


1. They obviously don't understand life. 

If you can't recognize that bread + cheese + sauce = life, you shouldn't be trusted. 


2. They probably don't like sharing.

Pizza is the ultimate shareable food. 


3. They don't know how to party.

 If there's no pizza, is it really a party?


4. They are neglecting the circle of life.

This also means they probably don't like the Lion King. 


5. They can't do math.

You cannot solve equations without thoroughly understanding pi. 


6. They don't appreciate beauty.

Beauty is in the pie of the beholder. 


7. They are probably an Axe Murderer. 

The polls are still out on this one, but we're pretty sure this highly distrusted group of people make poor choices in restaurants too. 


8. gluten-free crust has been invented, along with dairy-free cheese, and meat-less meats, so there's no medical reason you shouldn't have it. 

What is your excuse?


9. They don't appreciate art.



10. They probably don't like you. 

If you don't like cheese, bread, sauce and toppings of your own choice, what do you like?


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